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Built-Up Roof Repair and Installation in Columbia

Built-Up Roofing Experts Serving Businesses in Columbia and the Midlands

Built-Up Roofing Specialists Serving the Columbia Area

Flat roofs are a common feature in many commercial buildings, yet they are often prone to challenges like weather damage, UV radiation, and water pooling. While some property managers have transitioned to modern roofing systems such as TPO, there remains a strong preference for the reliability of traditional built-up roofs. These roofs are not only cost-effective but also offer robust waterproofing and protection against UV radiation.

Intech Roofing Solutions, a fully licensed and insured roofing company, is well-versed in a variety of commercial roofing services, including built-up roof repair and installation in Columbia, SC. Our team comprises innovative and detail-focused professionals who excel at identifying the most suitable roofing solutions tailored to your specific preferences, requirements, and budget. Whether you’re considering the installation of a new built-up roof or require repairs on an existing one, Intech Roofing Solutions is your go-to expert.

Contact us online or by phone at (803) 756-2027 to get a free quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you come into an urgent issue because we are also accessible 24/7 for emergency repairs.

You Can Count On Intech Roofing Solutions For Any Roofing Services

Count on Intech Roofing Solutions for Premier Roofing Services Serving both homes and businesses in Columbia, SC, and the broader Midlands vicinity. Reach out to us at (803) 756-2027 to explore our offerings.

The Benefits Of Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing, commonly referred to as “BUR” or tar and gravel roofing, stands as one of the most time-honored roofing systems in the United States. Its longevity and continued use are testaments to its reliability and durability. For businesses already utilizing this roofing system, its benefits are well-known. For those yet to explore built-up roofing, it’s worth delving into the numerous strengths this material offers.

Key benefits of built-up roofing include:

Robust Durability: Built-up roofing is celebrated for its resistance to harsh weather conditions. It is constructed by layering ply sheets with asphalt or bitumen, topped with a surfacing layer of gravel or stone. This structure forms a sturdy barrier against strong winds, hail, heavy rain, and other adverse weather elements.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The thermal mass of built-up roofs contributes to their improved energy efficiency. Thermal mass refers to the rate at which a material absorbs, retains, and releases heat. Built-up roofs, with their thicker layers of coal tar and asphalt, possess a higher thermal mass, enabling better heat retention and reducing the reliance on heating and cooling systems, thereby saving on energy costs.

Exceptional Waterproofing: The multi-layered structure beneath the waterproof membrane of built-up roofs provides excellent waterproofing. Even if the top layer is compromised, the underlying layers continue to prevent water intrusion, protecting the building from leaks.

Strong Fire Resistance: The combination of asphalt and tar paper in built-up roofs creates a barrier that resists high temperatures, slowing the spread of fire. This gives firefighters additional time to respond and control any fire incidents, minimizing potential damage.

Low Maintenance Requirements: The inherent durability of built-up roofing means it generally requires less maintenance, provided it’s properly installed. However, it’s advisable to conduct professional annual maintenance and regular visual inspections, especially after severe weather events. Signs like open or split joints, blistering, ponding water, cracks, or undulations indicate the need for repairs.

If your commercial property in Columbia, SC, requires built-up roof repair or installation, Intech Roofing Solutions is your premier choice. Whether you’re facing issues with your current roof or need a new installation, our reputation as a leading commercial roofer is built on exceptional service, quality workmanship, and the use of top-tier materials.

From the initial layers of bitumen and felt to the final protective aggregate layer, a project by Intech Roofing Solutions is distinguished by its craftsmanship. We commit to never cutting corners and always providing fair pricing. Additionally, we offer some of the best long-term product warranties in the industry.

What Makes Our Roofing Company Different

You might spend more money on a new roof than a car, which is why we are completely licensed and insured. There are some roofers that don’t consider this seriously. Are you truly willing to take a big risk for a small financial gain? Before you give them access to your property, insist that they show you their documentation.

You may depend on Intech Roofing Solutions for any roofing work in the Midlands, Lexington, or Columbia.

Our roofing services cover the full range of both residential and commercial roof replacement and roof repairs. For questions or if you need a FREE estimate, call (803) 756-2027 or use our online contact form.

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