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Residential Roofing in Columbia

Service With Expertise You Can Trust

Is it about time you had your roof replaced? Do you frequently have leaks? When you require a residential roofer in Columbia, South Carolina, you’ll want a company that’s local and employs skillfully chosen personnel with expertise. These attributes, as well as others, may be found in the experts at Intech Roofing Solutions.

Contact us online or by phone at (803) 399-8035 to get a free quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you come into an urgent issue because we are also accessible 24/7 for emergency repairs.

You Can Count On Intech Roofing Solutions For Any Roofing Services

Count on Intech Roofing Solutions for Premier Roofing Services Serving both homes and businesses in Columbia, SC, and the broader Midlands vicinity. Reach out to us at (803) 399-8035 to explore our offerings.

Full Range Residential Roofing Services

Throughout the years that Intech Roofing Solutions has been in operation, we have first and foremost become recognized as a top local roofer by consistently offering top-notch service. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of services. Our skilled specialists at a locally owned and operated roofing company can assist you with everything from fixing broken asphalt shingles to installing new gutters so water will properly drain away from your roof. Each member of our roofing team is hand-selected based on their background, skills, and moral character.

All of our services are offered at competitive rates, and we only work with premium supplies from reputable suppliers. No matter if we’re installing a new roof for you or doing some small repairs, you’ll never have to worry about us skimping on quality or offering subpar service. We provide some of the greatest long-term product warranties available to back up all of our work. We are committed to provide you with high-quality customer service, regardless of the roofing solution we recommend. All of our clients should expect to have a long-lasting connection with us.

As a residential roofer, we provide a variety of services, such as:

Repair and Replacement of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Our teams can perform whatever repairs you require, whether your roof is made of architectural shingles or conventional 3-tab asphalt shingles. You can rely on our staff to guarantee that your roof is installed flawlessly when it comes time to replace it, which typically happens after 20 to 25 years.

Roof Repair

No repair is too difficult for our experts, whether you have a few cracked or curling shingles or need to patch a leak. With their quick and efficient repairs, they’ll ensure that your roof is operating at its peak in a short amount of time.

Roof Replacement

Our skilled and knowledgeable personnel can replace your roof. They are knowledgeable in a range of roofing systems, including metal, classic 3-tab, and everything in between.

Residential Roofer in Columbia


Asphalt shingles continue to be regarded as the finest roofing material for the majority of homes by consumers and roofers alike year after year. While tiling is becoming increasingly popular, especially in warmer areas, and metal roofing is on the rise among homeowners, the majority of homes still rely on asphalt shingles, whether they be architectural or standard 3-tab shingles. Shingles are trustworthy and long-lasting—they last, on average, around 25 years—as well as affordable and simple to install, which reduces the need for personnel. Additionally, you can buy them in a range of hues and designs that complement the majority of house types.

Any things on your roof should be removed to assist avoid damage during installation or debris collection. TThe two types of asphalt shingles used on most roofs are common 3-tab or architectural shingles. Because they are thicker, architectural shingles will generally be a little more durable than 3-tab shingles. Consider impact-resistant shingles if you are in a region where hail is a significant issue. These are heavy shingles made especially to withstand the effects of hail. Installing them often costs a little bit more than installing ordinary shingles, but you frequently qualify for insurance company rebates.o stop the formation of mold, make sure that the gutters and downspouts are clean and dry. If necessary, you should also set aside a space for storage.

An asphalt shingle called an architectural shingle is often more durable than a conventional 3-tab shingle. This is so that they can withstand the weather and endure longer because they are normally thicker. Architectural shingles should endure more than 30 years with proper maintenance.

What Makes Our Roofing Company Different

You might spend more money on a new roof than a car, which is why we are completely licensed and insured. There are some roofers that don’t consider this seriously. Are you truly willing to take a big risk for a small financial gain? Before you give them access to your property, insist that they show you their documentation.

You may depend on Intech Roofing Solutions for any roofing work in the Midlands, Lexington, or Columbia.

Our roofing services cover the full range of both residential and commercial roof replacement and roof repairs. For questions or if you need a FREE estimate, call (803) 399-0832 or use our online contact form.